Endowment Donation

In March of 2012, Bishop Most Rev. Larry Silva and Vicar General Very Rev. Gary Secor came to St. Joseph School and presented Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Woo, Conservators of the Estate of Gus and Anna Hochuli, with a memorial appreciation plaque in honor of the major bequest to the Augustine Education Foundation in Honolulu.

This gift establishes an endowment for St. Joseph School’s tuition assistance program. Though these funds are not controlled by St. Joseph School, they will benefit our students.

Alumni and Friends of St. Joseph School

The Alumni and Friends of St. Joseph School was founded by the members of the Class of 1951 in November, 2001.  It is unlike other SJS alumni organizations in that it was not formed solely as a support system for the athletic program. Our mission statement reads:

“The Alumni and Friends of St. Joseph Schools Association is the link that nurtures a connection between all the Catholic Parishes, the High School, Elementary School, the Pre-School and Toddler Program, its alumni, current and future students, friends and the community throughout the Big Island of Hawaii. Our mission is to provide support in the pursuit of providing quality Catholic Education for children in the County of Hawaii through communication, scholarships, and/or tuition assistance program, recruitment, community service and alumni activities. These pursuits are inspired by the Catholic Christian values and principles provided through the spiritual and intellectual ideals from the ONLY Catholic school on the island of Hawaii through St. Joseph School’s tradition of excellence.”

The first executive board consisted of President Joseph Dart  (’51); Vice President Joseph Guzum (’51); Secretary Toni Palacat; and Treasurer Agnes Crivello (’51).

The organization got off to a slow but sure start, eventually involving other graduates of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who remain the core of its membership, together with several staunch friends who offer valuable support.

This small but energetic group has been able to accomplish many projects for St. Joseph School and Parish, including: (not in chronological order)

  1. Solicited funds from St. Joseph alumni and parishioners to purchase and install new basins in both the elementary and junior-senior high schools and repaired some plumbing. Placed a plaque with the names of benefactors in the elementary school.
  2. Installed a rock garden to the left of the junior-senior high school entrance.
  3. Buried a time capsule assembled by the Class of ’51 to the right of that same entrance.
  4. Painted both the front office and principal’s office in the junior-senior high school.
  5. Painted the pre-school playground fence.
  6. Purchased and spread pea gravel over the pre-school playground.
  7. Repaired the pre-school roof.
  8. Initiated a successful drive for a large sign in school colors designating the Walter Victor gym.
  9. Obtained a Matson container for the school that can be used for storage, especially during the annual Country Fair.
  10. Built two ramps for handicapped access at the elementary school.
  11. In 2003, provided cinders and manned the cinders booth for the Country Fair.
  12. Provided Portuguese pickles, jams, jellies and preserves for the Pickles and Preserves booth at the Country Fair for many years. Since 2007 to the present , members have chaired and manned the booth, as well as organized donations.
  13. Obtained the donation of a 30’ x 60’ tent for the use of the school and parish in 2006, and have set up the tent every year for the Country Fair..
  14. Built and installed the stage for the Country Fair in 2009.
  15. Installed the school marquee at the corner of Ululani and Hualalai.
  16. From 2002 to the present, have provided two  $100 stipends for student awards at graduation.
  17. Raised funds for the school tuition assistance program through one steak fry and several sweet bread sales that are held annually.
  18. Helped organize the 100 year anniversary celebration of the Franciscan sisters’ arrival in Hawaii and their farewell party.
  19. Served as the conduit for a  donation  of $650 from the Classes of ’75, ’76,  and ’77  to buy computer equipment for the junior-senior high school library, as well as a donation of $1100 from the Class of ’77 for the tuition assistance fund.
  20. Donated $2000 for the computer research center at the elementary school library in memory of Joseph Dart.
  21. Donated $1250 for much-needed textbooks for the elementary school.
  22. Have held an annual luau for alumni and friends on the Saturday before Memorial Day from 2002 to the present The luau honors the alumni who are celebrating their 50th reunions. In 2008 we also honored the State Championship Basketball Team of 1958, the only State Championship Team from St. Joseph School. These luaus not only serve as occasions for alumni and friends to socialize, but also are another means of raising funds for the tuition assistance program.  A total of $57,000 in tuition assistance has been raised by one steak fry and many sweet bread sales as well as the proceeds of the annual luau. This amount does not include the cost of equipment and supplies contributed to the school in various projects already noted.

In addition to the above, the Alumni and Friends also built the two porticoes over the  side entrances at St. Joseph Church, a project that took several months of almost daily hard labor by a few  alumni joined by faithful friends.  An effort was made to ensure that the structures fit in with the architecture of the church.  Funds for the project were donated by generous parishioners.

Paid-up membership in the Alumni and Friends is about 120, and active members number about 20 We have tried to increase membership by using mailings, but obviously this has not been very successful.  We need to get our message out, perhaps using the Internet. We would appreciate any suggestions toward increasing our membership so that we can do even more for St. Joseph School.


President: (Position Currently Open)
Vice President: (Position Currently Open)
Secretary: (Position Currently Open)
Membership: Jean Alves
Treasurer: Christie Faletoi

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Three grandchildren at St. Joseph School – Colette Tyrin, Secretary/Registrar at St. Joseph Elementary School, is the lucky grandmother that gets to see her grandchildren every day. Pictured from left to right: Noah Tyrin, First Grade; Luke Tyrin (Preschool); Colette Tyrin; and Aiden Tyrin, Third Grade. Noah and Aiden are the sons of Stephanie and Bruce Tyrin, a 1994 graduate of St. Joseph High School. Luke is the son of Misti and James Tyrin, a 1996 graduate of St. Joseph High School. And Colette is a 1967 graduate of St. Joseph High School.

 In Loving memory of Anna Hochuli, June 4, 1914-December 20, 2012.

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