Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

This policy supports the mission of St. Joseph School (Hilo), a Hawaii Catholic School. The school community recognizes that a poor diet, combined with the lack of physical activity has a negative impact on student’s health and their ability to learn, both short-term and long range.

The National Catholic Education Association statement on Accountability and Assessment in Catholic Education states that: “We hold a sacred trust to educate and form the whole person — mind, body, and spirit.” As Catholic educators, we believe in providing consistent school activities and an environment in which students can learn to make lifestyle choices that promote their healthy futures.
The Wellness Policy of St. Joseph School is to:

1. Provide a positive environment and appropriate knowledge of healthy food choices and the benefits of daily physical activity that:

  1. Ensures that students have access to healthy food choices and safe physical activities at school and at school functions;
  2. Provides a pleasant eating environment and secure playground for students and staff;
  3. Allows sufficient time for students to eat lunch and to engage in social activities for physical fitness;
  4. Enables students through a comprehensive health and physical education curricula to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to healthy food and physical activity choices for a lifetime.

2. Reduce student access to foods of minimal nutritional value:

  1. Ensures that the integrity of the school lunch program by discouraging food and beverage sales that are in conflict with the lunch program;
  2. Encourages teachers, students and parents to make healthy, nutritious food choices when food is used as part of a class or student incentive program, curricular lesson or fundraiser;
  3. Practices selective pricing that favors sales of healthy foods over unhealthy food choices.
  4. Food and beverages sold or severe at school will meet or exceed the nutrition recommendations of the United States Guidelines for Americans.

3. Provide opportunities for school community involvement in the development, review, assessment, and implementation of St. Joseph School Wellness Policy, and to ensure that this policy is being met.

A school committee shall utilize the School Health Index and/or other sources of evaluation to identify priority areas, monitor improvements, and report findings to the school principal or his/her designee annually.

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