Watch the Cardinal Canoe Races

Posted on December 28, 2022 in: General News

Watch the Cardinal Canoe Races

On December 17, high school canoe races were held at Hilo Bayfront. Schools from around the island participated in another beautiful day on the ocean. In the second week of competiton, St. Joseph School entered in three divisions, one more than the week before, and the crews continue to improve on their times in the 1/4-mile sprint course. 

One of the local high schools broadcasts the races through their media department. Above is a screenshot from the video showing one of our crews crossing the finish line. If you scroll to 1:48:35 in the video, you can view St. Joseph's first race of the day. The crews are wearing a red jersey and are paddling a red / yellow / black canoe. They raced back - to - back - to - back, so you will be able to view their three races consecutively. One of the crews placed second which qualified them for the finals in their division. That race can be seen later in the video. 

Below is a picture taken by one of our parents as one of our paddlers gets interviewed at the end of the day.

Leon is an international student attending St. Joseph from Germany. See his interview about his experiences with paddling by scrolling 3:05:40 in the video.

Awesome job paddlers and great interview Leon. You all make St. Joseph proud!


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