Principal's Message

Aloha Saint Joseph Ohana,

      Welcome to a new, exciting, and  “different” school year.  First I want to thank all the supporters of our school, without you we would not be here today.  You have truly shown your love  and loyalty through your generosity and support.

    With pride, I can say I am a graduate of Saint Joseph School, and have enjoyed working in the education of our students for almost forty years. Education has always been a priority for me and I am a  firm  believer in the value of a strong, faith based education. I know the sacrifices made to ensure this education and I thank all the family members for their sacrifices to send their children to Saint Joseph School.   

       Right now, our future is uncertain due to world events and changes; however, know that in every step we take the Lord is with us on our journey.  We will face many challenges this school year and only by working together can we grow in success.  

     Keeping you in prayer, may God bless you now and always.


Mrs. Susan Wehrsig


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