Father Ferdie Visits Campus

Posted on February 06, 2023 in: General News

Father Ferdie Visits Campus

To celebrate Catholic Schools Week 2023, our Associate Pastor, Fr. Ferdinand Tomo, SSS spent time on campus with the entire school. 

On Wednesday, February 1, grades K - 12 gathered in the gym to celebrate Mass with Father.

The following day he spent class time with the High Schoolers sharing about the Eucharist as the summit, center & apex of the Christian Teenager's Life.  He used the concept of the "multiverse-existing side by side; overlapping; linked" to explain the basic Truths of the Eucharist. 

He taught these concepts as transcendence that we are all experiencing in our Catholic faith, our rituals & celebrations and most especially the Holy Eucharist. Father shared with the students, "Let our worship of the Eucharist be as one universal family, one body in Christ as a treasured sacrifice of love". 

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