Posted on September 18, 2023 in: General News


Sensei Gomes and the Interact Club have completed a senbazuru as an offering of good health, happiness, long life, and peace for the people of Lāhaina.

"Senbazuru" literally means 1000 cranes and refers to the creature's delicate replication in origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. The cranes are typically made from different colors and patterns of paper so that they are a bright and cheerful decoration. The indiviual cranes are strung along a string so that they can be hung. 

In Japan, cranes are mythical and holy creatures that are said to live for a thousand years. They represent good health, happiness, and long life. Cranes also symbolize peace. The 1000 cranes have been on display next to our prayer wall in the Jr./Sr. High Division of campus.

On September 18, the senbazuru will move to the County Building where it will be presented to the Office of the Mayor to be displayed as a sign of support for those who have been affected by the tragic events in Maui. Below is a picture of our students preparing to present their senbazuru to one of the representative from the Mayor's Office.

Above, the St. Joseph School senbazuru hangs in the atrium of the County Building. Below, the Interact Club students participated in tying crane in between the flags of Nations displayed as a part of the Peace Month. They also wrote intentions of peace which were then placed in the peace tower that is also on display in the atrium.

It was a nice and revent ceremony. Our schoolʻs participation in this Peace event is a complete embodiment of our school wide expectations of our ESLRS. It was a wonderful experience for both faculty and students. Great job to the Interact Club. You make St. Joseph proud!


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