RoboJoes Representing

Posted on February 28, 2022 in: General News

RoboJoes Representing

During the Hawaii VRC State Championship this last Friday and Saturday, both SJS teams represented Saint Joseph School well.

RoboJoeB placed 5th in the pre-qualification matches while Team RoboJoeA placed 12th.

Team RoboJoeA and RoboJoeB both received the Judges Award for displaying special recognition, special exemplary effort, and perseverance at the event along with team accomplishments throughout the season.

Great job Robotic Teams and Mr. Eftink for a great season!

A recording of the event can be seen at


Team RoboJoeA:

Sky Caudill, Daniel Eftink, Zion Moreau

Team RoboJoeB:

Rowan Jack, Irie Moreau, Aiden Ueda, Zalia-Marie Olivera, Lia Bennington, Brittany Johnson

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