Mass of the Holy Spirit

Posted on August 22, 2022 in: General News

Mass of the Holy Spirit

On August 17th, the kindergarten through twelfth grade gathered in the gym to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit. 

It was a pleasant and heartfelt experience! Mahalo to Mrs. Villena and the students of the Campus Ministry who planned the Mass, invited the readers, made the lei for Father Lito and selected the songs and all the necessary things to make Mass smooth and welcoming.

Mahalo to all of our teachers for teaching our students to be mindful and respectful.Thank you to Mr. Danie for the preparation of the alter and allowing us to borrow plants from his house to decorate the gym. Mahalo to Mr. Galves, Mr. Veeck, Mr. N, Coach Mike and Mr. Doolittle for assistance with the setting up and cleaning up of the chairs, audio equipment and liturgical furniture. Thanks to Mr. Caudill and Mrs. Moreau with organizing the student choir, also Mrs. Moreau and the art classes with their meaningful decor escpecially with the Responsorial Psalm.

It was really nice to be able to gather as a school again! Mark your calendars, the next full campus Mass is in December.

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